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Monday, October 31, 2016

Puducherry local bus route and timing ( PRTC )

If you are in search of Puducherry (Pondicherry) local bus routes and timing then please find the details from the below image . Also known as public transport within puducherry city ....PRTC buses operated by government of Puducherry . There are also other private buses available .. But it is not shown here .

I have taken this picture from the puducherry bus stand .. It is a big notice board , i couldn't capture it fully in a single image . Hence attached it as  2 images  . Sorry for the low resolution picture . I will try to upload a better one in future .

First half - Route and timetable

Second half - Route and timetable

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Procedure for boarding Domestic Flight in India

Step 1 : Reach airport 2 hours earlier
Step 2 : Get boarding pass and baggage check in
Step 3 : Finish your security check
Step 4 : Reach your flight’s boarding gate  and board the flight
Step 5 : Fly to your destination
Step 6 : Exit from Aircraft  and collect your luggage bag .

The above steps in detail
Step 1 : Reach airport 2 hours earlier

  •      In airport ,find the domestic  departure  entrance . Always makes sure that you are traveling towards the right terminal .. This terminal details will be printed on your Air ticket . Some cities have 2-3 terminals ... Please check this with the airport website before starting from your place . 
  •     Reach the airport  2 hours earlier from your flight time . so that you have enough time for security check up at the gate, baggage scanning, etc
  • Carry the ticket with you along with your Identification card. Show this to the security in the entrance . He will verify this and allow you inside .
Step 2 : Get boarding pass and baggage check in
  •   After entering the airport building , Find the airline counter (For example : Indigo ) 
  •   Near indigo counter find the indigo X ray scanning machine – And submit your luggage bag to them for checking . They will scan it .. if necessary open it and check … And finally will lock your luggage bag with their tie  and put a security checked sticker on it and give it back to you. In some airport they would skip this process as they may check this baggage in later stage . .
  •    Now you can walk to the indigo  counter , submit your bag and show your ticket and ask for a boarding pass …. also verify the seat number in it .
  •  In the same counter ask for the baggage tag . This is for your handbag .  Tie it on your handbag without forgetting
  •   Also make sure you have got the luggage bag sticker pasted on the back side of your  boarding pass .  This sticker is a proof that we have given our bag to the indigo staff . The above process is also called as baggage check-in
     Note : As per government rule you should have got the boarding pass before 45mins from the flight departure time . (If not you will not be allowed to travel )

Step 3 : Finish your security check
  • Now you can walk towards the security check …. They will check you  and your bag separately .  Once this security check is over – you will have security seal stamp on your boarding pass ..This is the proof that you have been checked by the airport authority today ... and this will be checked in later stages ..  similarly your hand bag tag will also have security stamp . This is the proof that your hand bag has been checked by  the airport authority today... Again it will be verified in later stages .. Attached a old  boarding pass and baggage tag with seal  for your reference below

Step 4 : Reach your flight’s boarding gate  and board the flight

  •  Then find out in which gate does your flight comes …? You can find this through the display TV  placed all around the terminal . Gate number is also mentioned on the boarding pass
  • Walk towards that gate … Cross check with the staff or co-passenger for the Mumbai flight and wait near the gate itself .
  • Wait for the announcement of your flight 
  •  After announcement join the queue with the boarding pass, confirm the destination. Show your boarding pass to that counter staff. And move on …
  • Then there will be a security person checking for the stamp on the boarding pass and the baggage tag . Keep proceeding
  • You will be directed towards the flight ….finally before stepping into the flight a indigo staff will collect your boarding pass … tear it half and give it back to you .
  • In some cases … Airlines staff  will ask you to get into the bus  for reaching the flight .. they will guide you how to proceed  .. 
  •  Get into the flight ….Sit in your respective seats only …
Step 5 : Fly to your destination
  • You will be assisted further inside the plane.  Listen to the aircraft instructions demonstrated by the airhostess.
  • Mobiles switched off .
  • Keep your boarding pass safe till the completion of the travel.

 Please note :  When the flight goes higher and higher , due to increase in  atmospheric pressure …You will experience ear pain and  some guidyness… That’s normal for everyone. For ear pain try the following to release it
1.       Open your mouth widely (as much as you can) … and close it . Do it few times .. This will open  your ear ache issue . Also try if you can yawn … This will also help you .
2.       Take some hard chocolates- eat it by biting it hardly  .. Our aim is to give a hard exercise to our jaws .  Will clear the ear ache .
3.       If you feel  guidyness – ask for some drinking water from  the air hostess.  It is a part of their service . its free….

You can sleep for a some time – all are puskback seats .Enjoy .

Step 6 : Exit from Aircraft  and collect your luggage bag .
  • Airlines staff will guide you for the exit . They will also inform in which belt does your luggage bag comes… 
  •   Some times the flight stops near the building … in some case you may be requested to get into the airbus ..
  • Move along with  your co passengers till the belt (to collect your baggage ) ..
  • Collect your baggage . Leave the airport....
  • If you are not familiar with the city ,always book the  pre-paid taxi which is within the airport. Or some standard Taxi companies .  Do not trust some other third party travel agent /driver who approaches you the arrival terminal .

Hope this helps ...Have a safe journey ....