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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nokia Lumia 610 - Tethering- Easy way to get the Internet Connection

I own a Nokia Lumia 610 for the past 6 month but not a great fan of it as there is no user  friendly or interesting features with it . Another reason is that we don't have an option for internet connectivity  for desktop /laptop  via phone  through cable ,  unlike other mobiles device.

But recently I came ot know about an interesting option called tethering . I also want you to know and make use of this option in your mobile . Very useful feature  for internet connectivity.

What is Tethering ? 
 Tethering is an interesting concept where we can connect our desktop/laptop to internet via  phone
using wi-fi connectivity of the mobile . In other words your mobile will act as the wi-fi router . It fetches the internet connectivity from the mobile  network and shares it  to the other computer or wi-fi device . So don't worry if you are outside and you don't have a proper internet connection . Start using this tethering facility 

Once this connection is set then we can start browsing on our laptop or systems treating your mobile as a wi-fi router . But for this you should have a working GPRS/Edge/3G connection enabled in your mobile .Check whether the data connection is in ON condition in the Settings--mobile network

To enjoy this go to the setting --internet sharing --On  . Then you will get the broadcast name and the password displayed on your mobile . This means that , from this moment your mobile is a wifi  router with the displayed broadcast name(connection name ) and password . Get connected using your laptop or wifi device and enjoy the internet connectivity through your mobile .

This feature is available in Nokia Lumia now - Hope this feature will be available in the other mobiles also . Check you mobile specification , whether  it has the tethering option or internet sharing option with it .

The same option is available in Blackberry in the option called "Hotspot"

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