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Friday, February 7, 2014

Best Website For understanding Indian railway network -

Indian railways

Know your Railway Network
This blog is written with the interest  to inform our people how to make use of our railway network effectively .

For knowing all the information about the indian railways I would suggest the
This site is very useful for knowing our available trains , train routes , live status and many more . Listed  some of the interesting information which we can know from the above website

All the information shared below would be useful for the people who travel the more and who are eager to travel through trains

1.Train Availability from the nearest stations (automatically )  and Train routes :
       Here in this website , if you search for the train from point A to B then then the result shown to us would not only be from A to B .Instead it would show the trains from stations which are closer (approximately 50 Km) to point A and similarly the nearest station to point B .  For example  íf I'm trying for trains running from Chennai to Mumbai , then the result will also include Chengalpattu to Mumbai  also . Chengalpattu is the nearest station to Chennai , which many of the first visitor will not know .  Generally only the local people will know this kind of details . But using this we can analyse the train routes like a local person does. In fact this website show 6 trains between chennai to Mumbai , But the IRCTC website only show 3 trains .Because IRCTC exactly searches by the keyword chennai . Whereas Indian rail info searched for the nearest station to chennai also .

2.Platform Number
         This is one of  interesting information which we can know through this website .  You can exactly know in which platform will your train  come, so that we can keep ourselves ready in the platform without  expecting information from station master and other people .

3.Connecting trains between point A to B
      The search also shows the intermediate station  between A and B , where we can getting down and board another to reach our destination .
For example :- If you don’t get the ticket from Mumbai to Chennai . Then  you will be also shown an option where you can get down in Bangalore / hyderabad  then get the next train to chennai . All these information are shown in a single page . It is called as Chains .  It will display the list of intermediate station available , you can select the intermediate station of your choice

4.Live train status.
 You can check the live train status at any time in computer and also in mobile .

The following is the train 12235/Dibrugarh - New Delhi Rajdhani Express. The current status of the train is shown in the blue color train symbol - near lucknow .

5.PNR Status - Calculation 
     You can calculate the PNR status - seat conformation by knowing how many compartments are present in that current train.For example - In the following train it has nearly 16 AC compartment , if your ticket is in waiting list 5, then it has more probability to get conformed .
In the following image see the Rake composition . Whereas
A and B series
Always represents 3AC
S Series-
Always represents Sleeper class
Represents Second Sitting
 Pantry car

6.Seat availabilty

   We can also check the seat availability in a particular train . We  will come to know in which date the  seat is available. For example , if you are planning to go on a Friday and ticket is not available on that  day . Then you can find the availability of the ticket for the next 2 months fully  in a calendar format .  

 For the example in the following image , please note that the 3A  ticket is not available on16 feb , but on 18th and 19th Feb the ticket are available . Like this it show the  availability for the next 2 months - this will be very helpful when you are booking the tickets for a group of people traveling together .

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